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Hiya fluffies! Here’s my Virtual Valentine Lookbook! This year i didn’t do it gyaru style, didn’t had the energy for it! But next holiday it will be gal style! LOOK ONE: CUTIE DRESS: ASOS BAG: ALDO SHOES: ALDO LOOK TWO: ANGEL DRESS: FASHION NOVA BAG: CALL IT SPRING SHOES: ALDO LOOK THREE: BABE DRESS: FASHION […]


9 Weeks | Regular Make

Hiya Fluffies! I’ve finally started the 9 weeks Gyaru makeup challenge! The template is from @reilaless from instagram! I’ve passed my drivers license in February 3rd! I was stressed but I was still confident. My crystals were next to me during the exam. It was very fast, didn’t felt like 30 minutes. My final grade […]

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New Lenses

I got new lenses from uniqso like 2 months ago and I didn’t where them because I was depressed??? Again?? I don’t understand myself sometimes, like I want to be gal as much as possible but like my brain keeps saying to get gal later because it’s too sad! Like huh???? What?? I’m sad because […]

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Am I soft enough?

That a quite silly question, to anyone that ask. If naturally you are a soft person and you go towards thing that are cute, pretty and cozy to be with or to loom at, you are a soft person. But when it comes to me and my perception of myself and what kind of human […]

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