Annnnnnnnnnnnnddd it is here! I said that I was gonna do it, and Ikrot my promise! I am just really happy to be back being gal having and reconnecting with the community, I’ve missed it sooooo much and I was such a gloomy person 😔 but now I’ve came back in full force and with much more positive energy than before,everthing will be better! Okay, here’s the video!

To be quite honest, I’ve shouldn’t have done the highlight, I think that slowed me down for the first minute, it looked quite botchy, if you look closely, it did not blend out very well. The differences from last video are

▪️I’ve done my nose contour

▪️I did my cheeks

▪️I did my eyeliner 

For six minutes, my makeup looks “decent” it could have been better ( IF A GAL HAD MORE TIME LMAO😭) but with practice, I’ll be better next year! Before I put pictures of the result,  I just wanted to let young peeps know that my blog will be having anonymous comments very soon, please bare with me 💪🏾✨

Okay here are the pics!

Alrighty then, thank you for reading and watching about the challenge and now I give the challenge to you gals, y’all better do it💪🏾✨💕

This is Sion Kei Signing Out (SSO🎐)

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