*Attention, this is a heavy image post*

From April 2015 to March 2017

Hey peeps and welcome back to trip down memories it’s been since August 2018 that I haven’t wrinting about my gyaru journey on this blog.

I do not have any good excuses of why I haven’t write stuff on my blog because uuhhhhh, yeah… depression again haha. This stupid ass depression ugh 😑

Anyways so think you may want to click on this blog posts I appreciate it. I know that you cannot write comments again but I just had some news from the Wix website that the comments should be available in the first quarter of 20 19 and I’m still waiting like anyone else!!!

The month of April was a really positive experiment for me to explore what kind of eye shape that I waned and what kind of colors is that I want to incorporate it in my gal routine. I had fun, I bought so many lenses it was really really crazy. From the pictures above you can see there’s some looks are better than others and it’s pretty OK you know, I received some positive feedback from the gal community and it was pretty awesome from the community itself and from my point of you I was triving and it was pretty cool.

These two looks on my first Rokku look and I’m pretty proud of them because I remember it took me like at least 20 minute each eye because it was my first time doing crazy stuff with the eyeliner it’s so fucking stupid I know I was in my beginning of being gyaru and I had fun I was happy until this day I’m still proud of those makeups looks and the outfit too because I was pretty poor, but whatever 🙄🙄🙄

This is me on my first gal meet in Montreal it was pretty awkward I don’t want to make it sad but it was really really really awkward and I was just trying to include myself but it was wack I don’t know, it was in 2015 pretty far back but at lease I was happy to be there to be in a gal with other peeps!

As part of my experimenting also tried Roma gyaru as in Romantic look gyaru and it’s pretty fucking light and fluffy and soft and whatever. It was my first time trying gyaru with my natural hair and it was pretty awkward as you see in the photo. I needed to wash my hair that day and I decided to do to let it air dry and I didn’t felt like wearing a wig so that’s why I tried to do a romantic gyaru look with my natural hair and it failed miserably and it looks very tragic I’m sorry. 😱😂

In June is when I tried to do much bolder makeup looks. They did not failed but they weren’t the best in my opinion.

Also in June 2016 I decided to try the every day gyaru make up and in my mind every day gal make up meant the less eyeshadow that I put on my eyes the less heavy the makeup look if you’re following me, Boiiiiiiiiii! I was wrong, it looks complete naked and incomplete.

This was my first or my second Amekaji look and i had really fun doing it was because I was filming my first haul for youtube had fun editing the video, it was awesome. The video was cool but I receive some shade on Twitter from that make up look but you know I brush it off or whatever. 😛

In July I went back to Rokku gyaru because I fell in love with it and it’s just my style it’s much more mean when I do makeup. Again I loved each one of these makeup looks but the thing is that I wasn’t satisfied enough because I had dark hair and I wanted to have more colorful hair and I was just looking through stuff online and trying to figure out how to get more colorful hair. I should try more looks with silver and blue this summer! Yeah silver and blue ⚪️🔵

I would like you guys to appreciate those three looks because those three Onee makeup look are AMAZIIIINNNNGGGG💕💕💕 To be very quite honest those look are one of my favorites, they’re like in my top five looks to have done since I’ve been gyaru since 2014!!! They are so amazing and I will always like I love Onee gyaru.

Those looks are Kuro looks and I still quite like them a lot but I realize at that time that the thing that was missing was the white detail because Kuro gyaru has a lot of white makeup and I had the silver in the eye but wasn’t quite enough so I need it like the white makeup and I didn’t had white makeup. But still it’s quite good makeup.

Like I said earlier Onee looks are amazing and they look so so good on me and I am pretty much still love them so much, I’ll never leave Onee gal!

When I started University and January 2018 wait 2017 sorry 😅I tried to do more gyaru make up looks and outfits like once or twice a week you know just to to mature a bit more and being gal more often! 🌺🌺🌺

AlrIghty then, thank you very much for reading this huge post it was so cool going through memories with you guys. Like I said it was very picture heavy. I shed a tear or two while looking through my pictures because it bring back so many good moment. *sigh* Yep I’m all emotinal. 😪 For part three, it will be on Tuesday so be ready….


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