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April 2017 until Recently

I’ve been feeling really nostalgic recently, not in a way to regret old memories and waned to live in the past, but the actually aesthetic form 1990-2007, the way of life,the music, the glamour, oh myyyy, like everything!!!! But that’s for another post, now let’s do the third and last part of my (our maybe) Trip Down Memories.


now THIS! This is what I call an Iconic look! I felt that not a lot of gals like that look because with instagram insight you can see how many peeps saw your post and how many liked it and a LOT OF VIEWS but not a lot of likes… Hmmm. Anywho, I went to the club after and I had a great time and did many non-catholic thing with the guys I’m dating that night.

My very very first ( and only 😭) gyaru coord, extremely proud and satisfied and happy and all the positives emotions in the world when you FINALLY FUCKING MADE IT (ⓓᵒuא JⒺ𝓈𝓤ⓢ 𝐌𝔸ⓡιε 𝕁𝑜丂ᗴ𝐩Ⓗ) Honestly for my first look and a bootleg D.I.A. belt, it’s a pretty stable look, really cute!

I have thing where every time I do a gal look, I gotta wear a hat, I dunno where it came from but before I was into gyaru, I loved (hate it but still love it) high fashiOn and I always felt incomplete when I did outfit looks and decided to add hats! It felt natural to do it, so when I when I’m gal and planning outfits, having a hat , it feels more like me!

I did Kuro style makeup but it was melting because of the summer heat and it doesn’t look good but what whateva! 😝

First simple gyaru look without bottom lashes and I do not look like I botched it! Lots of fellow gals liked it! I went clubbing with my friend that night!✨🎆

Another great look, white hair looks sad on me and it sucks but whatever, eye makeup on point, nose contour can be better (as per fucking usual)

Between the white hair on Jan 2018 and the blue hair in May 2018, there is a huge gap and I dunno what I was doing during that time period and it’s okay, I cannot stay and hit myself on the fucking head and say that I regret and whatsoever, gotta move on and not do the same fucking same mistake again.

This look is white more Onee and very blue because I am obsessed with it, my favorite color, pastel blue, soft blur, baby blue,… AAAGHGHGHGHGHGH!!!

This look was made for the 6 minute Gyaru Makeup Challenge and it was much more successful than the last one! It was fun as it should be, lmao!

Sion Fresssshhher than Ever was in full mode in August 2018 and I was feeling great about myself ( HAS IT SHOULD BE 25/8 )! UGH…. I really want to be part of a gyaru-sa 😩😤😊

This look is much better with a filter but you, it’s better to be raw. Did I made a blog post about this look? Maybe I don’t remember… Kuro style, I was really happy with this look, but now look at it, its uh…. it’s something…

Alright I know you gals cannot comment yet on the blog, I was keeping myself from blogging because I want to engage with peeps, I am seriously gonna see WordPress because Wix is playing with my damn feelings right now and it ain’t cool, very quite not cool!

Next week it will be a video of what I’m doing with my gyaru future, if I’m gonna graduate, stay bummy, excel at it, be sad of not having funds, who knows!?!?!?! You’ll have to watch the video on my youtube channel Sion’s Life!

Love, Sion💙

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