✩ ⏤ I hangout with Lillie the other day and it was really great to go out with an other gal! I had a lot fun even tho I was really worried about a personal situation.
We meet up at Toys R Us so Lillie can do her video for her birthday. It’s funny 😛

We’ve bought plushies because I can’t help myself NOT to get a plushie. In baby blue. As always.

Where is ditto hiding? Hmmmm 🤔

To be honest, I didn’t understand why pikachu’s face was like that and Lillie told that was Ditto, i suck in pokemon culture 😭 but whatever!


✪⏤ Here’s my coord of that day and my makeup 💚✨

After Toys R Us, we tried to find a drug store so she could buy a new foundation but it was nowhere to be found, we went to EBGames to check out new games on the Switch, nothing interesting overthere either, Lillie bought pokemon card games. I didn’t knew that pokemon cards were still selling! I was very surprise, don’t quite remember if she brought some or not. Anyway lawl.


After all that, we when to her place and hangout and chill, talk about visual kei ( ahhh the fond memories) sip a lil’ alcohol, had a great time. I took some pictures for coords inspiration for future looks.

Alright’ I’m tired of typing and I wanna sleep, see you gals on ,y next blog post! ♡

Signing out! 💙☁️❄️

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